Making coffee with the Aerobie AeroPress, Among Other Things


The result of being unbelievely bored. Video taken with a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000, heavily post proccessed with VirtualDub. Interesting story, I was looking for a camera replacement for my aging Quickcam Messenger. One night the whole family takes a trip out to do some shopping. I decide to go to the Circuit City to check out some of the closeout deals. They still had absolutely insane prices, $60 for a Everquest expansion that was out nearly 6 years ago? $650 for a computer in “As-is” condition with missing parts? No thanks, I go next door to the Target. What do I see? A clearance boxed Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 sitting on the shelf for the incredible price of $49.99 – at least $20 cheaper than online, and no shipping costs either. According to Cowboy Frank’s Webcam Review site, this was one of the best webcams on the market right now. I bought it. Screw you, Circuit City.

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  1. yo.. coffee snob and subie driver, lol.. do you roast? (same here though). the aeropress is one of my favorite coffee gadgets — a perfect marriage of taste and brewing speed.

    btw, your site is nice, found you via your WRX/STI descriptions post.

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