Government to Recoup 90% of Bailout Money

With all the ruckus about the absurd bonuses that employees and executives of recieved, a bill was passed to raise the tax rate of executives that have been paid with bailout money to…90%, ouch! Read more about it here.

In the face of public outrage at the fact that AIG paid $165 million in bonuses after receiving $180 billion in government aid, the House voted 328-93 to approve a 90 percent tax on bonuses for certain executives at companies that are getting taxpayer-financed help.

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Obama Promises Spending, Budget Increase in Science


Good news for us unemployed engineering majors, like me. Obama has put plans into motion to move major funding into science and research. Hopefully, some of the change he promised will start to show. Click here for the link

Funding for the National Institutes of Health, Department of Energy, NASA, and the Environmental Protection Agency will all increase substantially, although details remain scarce. Combined with the billions doled out in the stimulus package, government scientific agencies will be better funded than they have been in recent memory, if Congress doesn’t change Obama’s plans too much.

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Uncle Sam cries “Feed Me!”

Just finished filing my taxes with the free version of TurboTax. This was after a gentle prodding by my dad, and seeing the ad on the TV (which by the way, was impeccible timing). However, in all seriousness, it took me less than half an hour to file my taxes, which included signing up for the free account. It actually was fast, simple, and easy. Highly recommended! On another note, I’m finishing a review on the Sprint Airave. However, it has a butteload of content and pictures so it might take some refining before it’s ready. Horray Sprint!

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