1. i read your recent article on FCP euro website about volvo ATF

    I have a 2007 V-70 FWD station wagon with 79,000 miles on it now
    I too was worried about ATF and “lifetime” fluid.

    I had mine changed at authorized vovl dealo ( GAllo Volvo in Worcester, MA) at about 65k miles

    I notice a slight slipping here and there in the shifting. I am no expert but I thnk thats what it is.
    It seems to be occasional and perhaps in 30 mph range ( is that 2 to 3rd gear?0 and I think it is co-incident with the ATF being changed.

    Should they have done some type of resetting of
    you mention in that article”
    …”I came to realize it would have been beneficial to have the shift adaptives reset and have the car re-learn….”

    Is this the comment about …” The TCU (transmission control unit) has adapted to how to shift with the old fluid and with the sudden introduction of fresh fluid has caused more problems for some people.”…

    Should Vovlo dealer have done this to my car? would they have? should I go back to them and ask them to? Are there many types of SATF fluids for Volvos? (Can I be confident that used the correc tone for this 2007 V-70 FWD? I have some suspicion of these dealers sometimes….

    cell 508 735 1786 massachusetts


    My brother in law in N Carolina own a transmission shop and told me the same thing” by all means dont beleive lifetime fluid” be proactive and change your fluid after 60K or 80K.

    What does the testing of the ATF fluid cost by the Blackstone lab? ( curious?)

  2. Andrew-I read your article on ATF Fluid change on the FCP Blog. I own 4 Volvos ranging from a 95 850 up to a 2004 V70R. I too change my ATF on all the vehicles on a regular basis. What is meant when you discussed 2-3 shift flare?

  3. If I can I would like to change the subject. I have an 03 S80 T6. I need to remove the valve cover to inspect the upper cylinder head. Any tricks of the trade to doing this?

  4. Mr. Peng:
    I have a 92 Volvo 740 with 387500 miles on it. Less than a year ago, the transmission was fixed. But since then, sometimes, not always, as I’m driving, I hear the engine rev up but the transmission doesn’t make the automatic change to the next gear. Sometimes, I just ease on the gas and the transmission “makes” the change. Or sometimes, the moment my brain is processing this, the change occurs. I don’t have the slightest idea what’s the relationship between the engine and the transmission. I know that there are smaller and bigger gears that do the changes. But how does the transmission “knows” when to make the change? At a certain speed measured by the speedometer or the odometer? If it’s not making the proper change at the proper time, what can be at fault? Again, it doesn’t happen that often, but every time it happens, my heart skip a beat.
    If you could be of assistance, I would be grateful.
    Mauricio Herrera
    San Antonio, TX

  5. I received an email from FCP where you wrote an article entitled “How to Clean and Reuse a K&N Filter. The article was very good. You did not want to get into a debate over original air filter vs after market. I want to inform you that in my 1993 VW Corrado SLC (VR6) I use original air filter for two main reasons. One it has a very large filter area. And two, which is the most important reason is the factory filter input is cool air. The factory filter is designed to pick up the input air from in front of the radiator. Most aftermarket air filters pick up air that has been heated by the radiator and therefor, they degrade performance.

  6. Mr. Peng,
    I would like to state the obvious. There is no store on this page. Even though the title clearly states there is a store here. Can you please fix this?

  7. I want to say what is evident. This page does not have a store. despite the fact that the title makes it obvious that this is a store. Please, could you solve this?

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