XC60 T6 Torque Rod Replacement

Well shortly after I purchased my 2010 Volvo XC60, I noticed something amiss while poking around in the engine bay. The upper engine mount, commonly called the torque rod, had a torn bushing! It has a curiously complex structure that looks like it was designed to reduce the transmission of vibrations into the cabin. Unfortunately while it looks like it does a wonderful job of insulating and isolating engine noise from the body, it also looks remarkably weak and would corroborate with reports of this mount frequently being broken and requiring replacement on P3 platformed cars.


We’re interested in part #14 above – luckily, this is an extremely simple part to replace requiring only two tools and about 30 minutes of time! The replacement part number is 31430441 from Volvo and costs about $62 from Tasca.


  • Volvo 31430441



  • 15mm ratcheting box wrench
  • 8mm ratcheting box wrench


Lets get to work!

  1. Pop the hood and remove the engine cover. It’s not bolted in, just yank it off.
  2. Remove the 8mm bolt holding the coolant tank in.
  3. Remove the tank and swing it out of the way.
  4. Remove the two 15mm bolts holding in the torque rod.
  5. Remove the torque rod. Mine was torn quite badly.
  6. Replace with new one and put it back together!

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