XC90 V8 Accessory Belt Replacement

While replacing the alternator, I noticed the accessory belt looked a little rough. The edges of the belt was showing signs of wear and there were some cracks forming in the belt’s surface. Since I didn’t have a spare belt on hand, I just reinstalled the original belt back on when I buttoned the car back up.

Here are the specifications on the belt:

  • Length\Circumference: 99 inches
  • Width: 0.82 inches
  • Number of ribs: 6
  • Dayco part number: 5060990

The brand of the belt I got was from Dayco – the part number was 5060990 and cost me $25 from Amazon.com. I purchased it from Amazon because I had several gift cards from there so it was essentially “free” for me – there are other places that also sell the belt and it is also made from several different manufacturers. Here’s a list of part numbers and prices from RockAuto.com

  • Goodyear – 4060990 – $11.95
  • Dayco – 5060990 – $16.65
  • Gates – K060990 – $21.99
  • AC Delco – 6K990 – $24.79

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