Dreamcast Mod Re-Incarnates iMac G3


As a fan of the original Dreamcast, I find my self going back and reaching into the cabinet to play those games that were so much fun back in the day. Soul Calibur, Shenmue, and Crazy Taxi were among my favorates. Thats why I liked this mod so much – rip apart a old [mostly] useless iMac G3 (I have a PowerMac G3 as a router at home, so not so useless after all) and stuff the internals of a Dreamcast in it, complete with working display and controller ports! Click here for the mod, or click “Read More” to see all the photos, sourced from the original modder himself!

I had a couple G3’s laying around, and for some reason I had a 15″ LCD monitor. As I was cleaning up my workshop, these to things were sitting beside each other, the LCD looked to be about the same size. So I started taking shit apart. Dropped about 100 pounds of CRT monitor out of the iMac, and in went the LCD, fit just perfect

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