XC90 Wiper Blade Information

I’m tired of seeing auto parts stores like AutoZone or NAPA rip off customers on the cost of wiper blade replacements. I open an advertisement they say “ON SALE $20 each, buy a pair and get $5 off!” and it makes me sick to my stomach.

A lot of people don’t realize that sometimes the wiper blade assembly includes special coverings or special aesthetic construction on it to match the car. For example, the 2004-2007 Subaru WRX STi wiper blade has a small spoiler on it to prevent the blade from lifting at high speed. The Volvo XC90 wiper blade has a plastic cover to match the wiper arm and give the whole assembly a smooth look.

Usually the rubber insert inside the wiper blade can be replaced, usually also for just a few dollars, instead of spending $25 or so on a single wiper arm assembly from AutoZone.

Here’s some information to help.

Front Passenger Side: 22″
Front Driver Side: 24″
Rear: 15″

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  1. Thanks for this reminder. I recently bought a 2006 XC90 myself and this is my first Volvo. I love it so far. I’m getting acclimated with some Websites for this vehicle, thanks for your site and info.

    As for the inserts, any recommendations on where to pick up quality inserts. I have purchased Bosch OEM arms before from a store like Nappa for a Mercedes we had. I agree, it’s a waist to replace a perfectly otherwise good arm.

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