Affiliate Links

Using these links will give both you and me benefits to the respective service, and every link I post here is something I current use or have used in the past.

  • DigitalOcean – Click here to get a $10 credit when you provision your first VPS. Digital Ocean is the third largest provider of cloud-based infrastructure.
  • HelloFresh –  Click here to get $40 off of your first delivered meal-prep box. HelloFresh is a meal prep delivery service, that delivers the groceries and recipies to your door.
  • Simple – Click here to get a $20 account credit when you create your account and use your Simple debit card for the first time. Simple is an online-only bank that charges no fees, with a modern website and phone app.
  • Privacy – Click here to get a $5 credit on your Privacy account when you sign up! Privacy is the first payments product that keeps your personal information private, while being even more convenient than using a regular credit card online.