Ready To Run 8-GPU Mining System

Update 2018-02-06: I am currently out of stock of these machines! This page will be updated when I get more.

I’ve built a few of these machines and at the request of several people I’ve got a page now to sell them. The machines are sold 100% ready-to-run out of the box. Just hook up network and power, press the power button, and you’re ready to start mining!

$4400 + $150 Shipping

I’ve been using only high-end components for these machines to ensure the best stability and headroom for capacity.

Fully loaded and as configured the has rate is ~190Mh/sec for Ethereum. The machine pulls about 800w from the wall at 120v, or about 6.6A. The machine requires a wired network connection; only a wired network connection is stable and reliable enough to ensure reliable mining.