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I’ve had a personal blog and website of sorts in various forms, on LJ, Xanga, etc for a while but never actually put a serious effort into keeping it up or updated.

Just who is this Andrew Peng? He’s an Ubuntu bug contributer, a Linux System Administrator and Support Supervisor, and a self-proclaimed car nerd. I am also Internet famous! I have been featured on Hack-A-Day, HardOCP, and Digg. Hopefully one day I’ll be featured on Reddit and Slashdot.

I’ve only started this website project in late 2008 after my university studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University so a lot of the stuff I’ve done in the past hasn’t been documented. At Embry-Riddle, I majored in Aerospace Engineering with a focus in Astronautics. You know, space stuff and engineering stuff.

Since graduation I spent a few months with my parents frantically trying to get a “real job” until I came upon a .com startup called HostGator that had just recently moved from Boca Raton, FL to Houston, TX. They offered to move me to Houston in exchange for an employment contract, so I accepted and off I was. After working 2 years, 5 months, and 5 days at HostGator I had moved up to IT manager – in charge of the in-house computing for the company.

In the meantime, I had been actively pursuing a new career in aerospace but industry conditions and political turmoil made that difficult. By chance, a new position opened up at United Space Alliance. I applied, interviewed, and subsequently got the job; currently I work for United Space Alliance at NASA JSC on the International Space Station program. As a contractor under United Space Alliance I’m an “Engineer II” – on the NASA side at Johnson Space Center, I’m a flight controller on the PLUTO console. We deal with the computers and computer network on the space station – making sure the astronauts are able to stay productive and do science!

My web projects include the (short lived and now defunct) atomicfire.net, genesisdriven.com, over-boost.net, and a small smattering of consulting work such as SummitPOA and EaglesFM (since replaced with another redesign).

Here’s a short list of things I’ve done in the past before my website was running (and thus before anything was sufficiently documented)

  • Voice control, cell phone control (WAP), and home automation system designed with Windows shell scripts, Microsoft Voice 4.0 API, X10, and a mess of Python. Imagine walking into your room and saying “Computer; lights on!”
  • Fully functional web hosting control panel for Debian Linux, MySQL, PHP, and Apache web server written in Bash shell and Perl. Faster than cPanel, and avoids the configuration headaces too!
  • Media recoding cluster built with a pile (literally) of surplus Dell Optiplex GX620’s. Messy Perl / SSH / transcode code. Encodes an entire DVD into a 600mb XViD in 35 minutes over a 100mbit network!


  1. Hi Andrew, I have read one of your blog regarding volvo s80 4,4 V8. I have one of that incredible machine but want to modify it. Especially in a part with 2 turbocharger and internal modification having 650 hp mentioned and I am so impressed if it is possible. Can you plase guide me regarding my cars modifications


  2. Hi!

    I want to buy a product on your website but I couldn’t pay over time? I usually pay with viabill since it is so easy to use. But I’ve also seen Amazon 5 payments and Blispay before.


  3. Hey Andrew, I came across your article on “volvo-awd-systems-explained”. I wanted to reach out to since it seems you have a unique appreciation for both Subaru and Volvo AWD cars. I had 2004 WRX with Prodrive Stage 3 that I bought brand new and kept for 15 years, Volvo S60 that belonged to my wife, got totaled and was replaced with a 2011 Tribeca. I sold the WRX in 2018 and bought a 2017 Impreza sport. Before I bought the Impreza, I was SERIOUSLY looking at 2016 V60 CC… power, comfort and styling was a amazing, but tech was way behind 8″ touch screen / apple CarPlay of the Subaru. My major concern with the V60 CC was reliability, not having had a Haldex AWD vehicle before. Do you care to comment on Volvo AWD reliability vs Subaru… or just general reliability between both brands? Ultimately the Impreza will go to my daughter and I’ll be in the market for a newer car. I’m really liking the way the 2020 Volvo’s are looking. Can’t bring myself to buy an Audi A4 Allroad. LOL! Feel free to PM me. Thanks!

  4. Andrew—have you reviewed or described the Volvo 6th Generation AWD system? I saw you did up to the 5th but can’t find the latest. Thanks

  5. In your latest installment on FCPEuro, on anti-sieze, you failed to mention that it belongs on the retention screws that hold brake rotors in place. These tend to corrode in place with the result that they need to be drilled out and re-tapped. The factory does not put anti-sieze on them and this complicates brake work.

  6. andrew looks like you went thur the hell of replacing volvo alternator. I am in this process now and want to ask a question? how did you unbolt top alternator bolt? what tool did you use? from the bottom or top??? have got to this point but seems to be not able to reach it. any help. thanks

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