2006 Volvo XC90 V8 AWD

The Volvo XC90 V8 is Volvo’s full-size three-row SUV with an available 300hp 4.4L V8. Sadly, this car was involved in an accident in October of 2014 and was declared a total loss by my insurance company.

Power Modifications:

Appearance Modifications:

Suspension Modifications

Brake Modifications

Functional Modifications:

Coming Soon!

  • New ball joints
  • AOC/Haldex fluid
  • Angle gear fluid
  • Rear differential fluid

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Service and Maintenance
  • 20140512 – 133422 miles – Tires rotated and balanced at Discount Tire
  • 20140425 – 132779 miles – Oil changed with German Castrol 0w-30 and Bosch oil filter – cleaned underside of engine and splash guard. Cleaned and re-oiled K&N air filter.
  • 20140220 – 126762 miles – Replaced strut top mounts, strut top spring isolators. New Continental LX20 255/55/18 installed. Alignment performed. SRS light cleared with DICE, replaced rear wiper arm, replaced GROM aux-in unit. Repaired headliner and A-pillars. Installed FatMat noise and heat insulation on roof.
  • 20140104 – 124860 miles – Oil changed with German Castrol 0w-30 and Bosch oil filter, replaced headlight bulbs
  • 20130831 – 121670 miles – Changed cabin air filter
  • 20130725 – 118424 miles – Replaced driver’s side sun visor with LKQ part
  • 20130529 – 117224 miles – Oil changed with German Castrol 0w-30 and Bosch oil filter, noticed leak at oil cooler
  • 20130514 – 116635 miles – Rotated tires at Discount Tire
  • 20130413 – 114613 miles – Replaced rear bumper parking lights and headlamp parking lights
  • 20130407 – 114111 miles – Rear brakes inspected, rear differential fluid changed with genuine Volvo fluid.
  • 20130118 – 108892 miles – New HLC inner tie rods, Üro tie rod ends, Volvo passenger lower engine mount, oil change with German Castrol 0w-30 and Bosch oil filter. Re-alignment at Montrose Tire and Auto
  • 20130114 – 108805 miles – Installed new Dorman lower control arms, HLC swaybar endlinks, IPD subframe bushing inserts, IPD door lock pin bezels
  • 20130106 – 108598 miles – New Centric C-Tek blank rotors, Powertop Z16  ceramic pads, Anco beam front wiper blades, Trico rear wiper blade. Brakes bled.
  • 20121213 – 107570 miles – ATF flushed with Toyota Type IV
  • 20121123 – 106572 miles – Interstate Mega-Tron Plus MTP49/H8 battery installed
  • 20121105 – 105866 miles – Changed accessory belt, idler pulley, upper engine mount, lower airbox rubber mount.
  • 20120827 – 103475 miles – Installed GROM Aux-In interface, power steering flush
  • 20120722 – 101636 miles – Tires rotated at Discount Tire
  • 20120721 – 101551 miles – Oil changed with German Castrol 0w-30 and Bosch oil filter
  • 20120615 – 99494 miles – Windshield fluid check valves changed
  • 20120606  – 99000 miles – Windshield fluid check valves failed, ordered new ones
  • 20120518 – 98541 miles – Remus exhaust slip-joint removed and flanged
  • 20120514 – 97,800 miles – Replaced coolant tank with aftermarket tank
  • 20120510 – 97,592 miles – Replaced vacuum tank, found broken nipple on coolant overflow tank. Ordered new coolant overflow tank.
  • 20120509 – 97,450 miles – Replaced upper engine mount nut flange (lost in alternator replacement)
  • 20120509 – 97,400 miles – Reset PDM (passenger door module) to fix window auto-up function
  • 20120423 – 97,200 miles – Found broken nipple on vacuum tank for variable intake system. Ordered new vacuum tank.
  • 20120215 – 92,415 milesAlternator replaced with rebuilt Bosch 180amp unit, oil change with Castrol Syntec 0W-30 and Bosch oil filter
  • 20120208 – 92,410 miles – “Power System Urgent Service” message, traced to faulty alternator. New one ordered from BuyAutoParts.com
  • 20120130 – 92,400 miles – Intake plenum and manifold gaskets changed, injectors cleaned and balanced by Deatschwerks
  • 20111030 – 85120 miles – Noticed A/C compressor noise, groaning under low throttle

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  1. Andrew
    Maybe you can help me locate the dipstick for the transmission on my 2006 Volvo XC90 V8. I’ve read that it’s supposed to be on the right side under the hoses. I can’t see it any where. Thoughts!

    1. The 2006 V8 doesn’t have one. I’ll be doing a write-up soon on how to service the transmission. You’ll need to remove the center portion of the combined drain/level plug at the bottom of the transmission, and then add fluid from the top until it starts to dribble out the bottom.

  2. Hi, I also have a 2006 V8, just purchased it with 103K miles and I was wondering what type of service I should do at 100K miles. Its my understanding that this model does not have Timing Belt, what other major maint should I look for, if not timing belt.

    thanks so much!


    1. At 103k miles, I would recommend that you change your ATF, Haldex, angle gear, and rear differential fluid. You will need to most likely replace your front control arm bushings, sway bar end link bushings, and inner and outer tie rods, as well as all of the rear suspension bushings.

      You will want to check out the brakes and axle boots. You’re correct that the engine uses a timing chain and not a timing belt. The only thing to watch out for is the counter-balance shaft. Never wash the engine bay, and keep an sharp lookout for noises from the engine bay. If the bearings go bad and completely fails, the engine is essentially ruined – best to replace it as soon as you hear noises to avoid catastrophic engine damage.

      If your alternator hasn’t been changed, you will need to budget for that as it is a known failure point.

      Good luck!

  3. Great info! I need to replace or at minimum top off the transmission as Volvo Bucharest wants $2500 to fully service.

    Right side?

    1. The fill port is on the right side of the transmission, under the air cleaner. It uses a Torx 55 socket. You can pick up a Torx 55 socket for a 3/8 socket wrench at any Autozone.

  4. Andrew,
    I have a 05 S80T6 Premier with 86k miles. Switched to M1 full syn oil recently. Not long after, noticed small oil leaks that were not notice able before, Wanted to know what are your thoughts on the cause, as well as cost of repair based on your experience with volvos.

  5. Andrew,

    Terrific blog and contributions on FCP Euro!

    We have a 2005 XC90 V8 with 170,000. Have you ever changed the coolant on yours? If so, where is the block drain(s) located? What coolant do you recommend for this motor?

    Also, do you have a good write-up on changing Haldex and Differential fluids as part of a preventative maintenance program?

    Thank you!

  6. Oh my XC90 2006 V8 crank pressure sensor went out and I cannot locate it to replace it with the new one and I looked on Google for the diagram and has no images will pop up how do I change it

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