Things I like about Houston:

  1. Elevated driveways to help prevent local flooding
  2. Road labels and signs painted on the road itself
  3. EZ-TAG also integrates a real-time traffic monitoring system
  4. Every day is bright and sunny

Things I don’t like about Houston:

  1. When it rains, it rains
  2. Elevated driveways are like small mountains to my car
  3. Traffic. 🙁
  4. Traffic. No, really, it’s terrible
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Italics Gone Wild!

If you’re using a WordPress powered site, and you make a post, and a problem appears and everything goes italics , check your <em> and </em> tags in the HTML post editor, not the visual editor. Chances are that you were using the visual editor and were typing in italics, and the editor borked and didn’t close the tags correctly. Just take out the extra tags and your website will go back to normal. Usually, on my sites they like to just suddenly go <em></em> at the end for no reason. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, go to your administration panel, then under “Settings” -> “Writing” and check the box labeled ” WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”. I found this after Googling “wordpress sidebad italics” which brought me to this page, which explained it all to me. Thanks, Google!

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