Things I like about Houston:

  1. Elevated driveways to help prevent local flooding
  2. Road labels and signs painted on the road itself
  3. EZ-TAG also integrates a real-time traffic monitoring system
  4. Every day is bright and sunny

Things I don’t like about Houston:

  1. When it rains, it rains
  2. Elevated driveways are like small mountains to my car
  3. Traffic. 🙁
  4. Traffic. No, really, it’s terrible

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  1. Agreed. I was in Houston this past week, it took me 3 hours to fly to Wayne Hooks Airport from east Atlanta, it then took almost an hour and a half to drive the 15 miles from Hooks airport to downtown Houston. Put a bullet in my head. Please. Standstill traffic on a five lane interstate. WTF!!! Honestly!!!

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