You’re Gonna Love My Nuts

Who is this guy? Any where does he get all his energy from? I get the impression that he only has this kind of energy when he’s filming; he probably spends the rest of the day laying in a drunken stupor on the floor of the bar throwing bottles at people. But wait, no he isn’t; he’s actually one of the good guys – a victim of Scientology. No, I’m not making this up – I read the story of how Scientology ruined his life here after a friend suggested it in #hardocp. Read it – and get to brush up on Vince Offer, his real name, and how Scientology ruined his life. No. I’m not kidding. Link here.

Turns out, Headset Vince is actually one of the good guys, a hero. We need to stop mocking him and start celebrating him. And we need to buy his towels and nut choppers and his DVDs.

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