XC90 Automatic Window Problems

I got my car back from a garage that didn’t specialize in Volvos and since then, the auto-up function on the passenger side door hasn’t worked. The window will roll up, close, then open again. The only way to close the window was to only pull the switch halfway to the non-auto up function and wait for the window to close.

I had thought there was something wrong with the window regulator module so I didn’t think  much of it until I came across this post on the Volvo XC forums – this “reset” the PDM (passenger door module) and now the auto-up function works again.

I’ve reprinted the steps to reset the door modules in the hopes that it will help someone else:

  1. Open the fusebox cover on the driver’s side of the dash facing the door.
  2. Close the affected window. Make sure car is ON (position II) or running. Locate the fuse for the affected door module (either #5 or #6).
  3. Open the affected window, and while the window is moving down, remove the fuse for the door module.
  4. Wait a second and then insert the fuse.
  5. Close the affected window by holding the switch all the way up (as if you were using the auto-up function) and hold the switch in the auto-up position at least 5 seconds after the window closes.
  6. Test the auto-down and auto-up function – it should be working now! If it still does not work, you will need to use a scan tool that can scan the passenger or driver’s side door modules.

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  1. Tried you info from above ans at this point its fixed the right window problem .

    Thanks You very much


  2. Thanks for info. Worked and saved me a BS $500 repair the Volvo dealership’s service department said I needed on my door control unit.

  3. I have the same problem described above and have been resetting the drivers window for some months. However I am now having to go through the reset procedure every two or three days. Any ideas ?

  4. Thanks for the great info. In my case (V70) after I held the window switch up for the time, then released it the window dropped about an inch then went back up. It goes down all the way now but struggles a bit to go up and doesn’t auto stop correctly. I’m sure the motor needs to be re-greased or something. Clearly acts like it’s binding on the way up.

    1. First thing I would check is the channels – some silicone grease in there would free them up. If the window gets stuck it can bend the regulator.

  5. Big thumbs up! Fixed my issue with a rear window on a 2005 S40 after an immobiliser issue caused it behave erratically.

  6. please help cannot open passenger side door or window have tried many things but not working, and advise would be appreciated

  7. Thanks for the steps. Worked like a charm to my Volvo V50.
    The only difference compared to XC90 – fusebox and fuse itself was in different place. 🙂
    Greetings from Latvia.

  8. This might or might not help: I replaced the window motor and control box in the drivers door of my XC60 – Afterwards, the window didn’t work on auto – also didn’t work on the door key remote (i.e. when holding down the Lock button, the window should close if you forget when you get out the car)

    BEFORE trying the remove fuse fix in this blog – try these steps – taken from the Volvo web site volvocarsDOTcom

    If the battery is disconnected (OR IN MY CASE THE CONTROL BOX WAS REPLACED) then the function for automatic opening must be reset so that it can work correctly.

    Gently raise the front section of the window button to raise the window to its end position and hold it there for one second.

    Release the button briefly.

    Raise the front section of the button again for one second.

    IT WORKED FOR ME with no fuse biz. Good luck 🙂

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