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  1. Hey Adrew…I read your article on atf fluid on the FCP Euro DIY. I recently purchased a 2006 V70R with 84,000 miles, 1 owner, all service records…immaculate & well kept. I’ve been really getting into maintenance and learning about the car, also have a ’98 V70 T5. I’ve done several drain/fils/flush on the T5 and am preparing to do the V70R (TF-80SC transmission) as you know. I’m planning on flushing up to 2 cases of Mobil 1 JWS 3309 through it.

    My only concern is not having VIDA to measure the temp for the final level. I figure I can utilize an infrared thermometer and take readings off the upper cooling line metal housing and pan. Is that acceptable? I just want to get on with it and stop agonizing about the VIDA reading. Obviously there’s tolerance +/- and you know approximately what the temp is, it should be fine – i imagine. Anyhow, you’re the expert….any suggestions? Thanks!

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