cphulkd locked you out of cPanel/WHM?

Here’s a handy set of instructions that you can use if you accidentally got yourself banned or locked out of the cPanel/WHM login interface due to repeated failed login attempts. This assumes that you have access to the server’s command line and root access to the MySQL server, and will clear the IP address blacklist and the locked user accounts list.

First log into your server, and select the cphulkd database:

mysql cphulkd;

Now you want to clear the IP address blacklist:

DELETE FROM `brutes`;

After clearing the IP address blacklist, you might want to also clear the account locks so you can log back in:

DELETE FROM `logins`;

An alternate way of gaining access back to the server is to add YOUR IP address into the whitelist:

INSERT into `whitelist` values (;

Now you can exit the MySQL command line, and it should all be back to normal!


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