Snow Snow Snow Snow

Look Outside!

I live in New Jersey, which you may know was one of the states recently slammed with a significant snowstorm last night through this morning. Here’s a few pictures of outside, which was the most significant amount of snow we have had yet this winter season – click “Read more” to see the rest.

Well here it is, it snowed for a solid hour last night and then the storm paused, as if to catch it’s breath, and then continued to blow throughout the night, and well into the morning. When I got up and looked out, I was treated to this “winter wonderland” of white fluffy powder. Not wasting any time I hopped in my car and actually tried to drive in it, which for my All Season rated tires bolted to a 400hp monster only ended in hopelessly excessive amounts of wheelspin at best.


Honestly on the driveway there was a good three to four inches of very dry, very light powder, but in areas where the wind blow over low pressure eddys up to 16 inches of snow was piled up, as you can see in the picture above. Nonetheless the township wasted no time in sending along a plow truck to plow in our driveway, making it almost impossible to leave unless you drive one of those lifted monstrocities, so it was out to the snowblowers for the afternoon.

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