MixRiot.com Music Ripper

Here’s a lazy liner that I cooked up to rip music from MixRiot.com – simply replace the URL variable with the page that contains the music and it will dump the music using wget with an MP3 extension!

url=”http://www.mixriot.com/category/essential-mix/browse-show/broadcasts/bbc/radio-1/2009″; IFS=$’\n’;title=();id=();for i in `GET $url | grep FlashVars | egrep -o “mixriot.com%2Faudio%2Fplay%2F[0-9]{4}” | cut -b 30-`; do id=( “${id[@]}” “$i” ); done; for j in `GET $url | egrep -o “<h2><a href=[[:print:]]{1,} title=[[:print:] ]{1,}>[[:print:] ]{1,}</a></h2>” | cut -d\” -f4`; do title=( “${title[@]}” “$j”); done; for (( k = 0 ; k < “${#id[@]}” ; k++ )); do wget -O”${title[$k]}.mp3″ http://www.mixriot.com/audio/play/${id[$k]}; done;

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