Changing the default resolution of a Logitech webcam

I found myself needing to take some photos with my webcam because it was a simple setup and had excellent image quality when given enough light. However, when using the default webcam application in Windows XP/Vista/7, it will only capture images in 320×240; hugely disappointing when the webcam will do up to 2MP. Enter the DefResCh tool – which I found in this thread on the Logitech developer forums. Of note, you will need to install the Logitech webcam drivers to make this tool work; the default drivers that Windows installs does not work with this tool.

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  1. I also wish I could find this. I have a Logitech C500 I’d love to repurpose as a UVC webcam for a ZoneMinder install to watch the server rack. I used to have this tool, but I can’t find it in my files anywhere.

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