Dreamhost Site Speeding-Up-Ness

For those of you on shared hosting with Dreamhost – we all know they’re oversold up to their eyeballs. While the prices are great and the proposed services offered are even greater, their servers are overloaded and very slow. Very very slow. I took a dive into their wiki today and found this gem: PHP FastCGI 

After a few seconds of careful mucking in the .htaccess file, and writing a new spawn script for the PHP process, I have sped up a few of my websites by a noticible amount. WordPress wasn’t exactly the most efficient CMS either, so this in combination with WP-SuperCache has made the loading times…liveable…for now.

Normally, Apache server spawns a child process for each request on the website (overly simplified) – each one of those child processes then reads your PHP code and makes the HTML output that you see on the website. It works great, except when you have eleventy billion people on your website, or in my case, an overloaded web server. The process of spawning a child process, then forcing that child process to intepret its own php code is very resource intensive. So what do we do to fix it? 

The hack above makes two discrete child processes that process php code. Those two are it – which is great because instead of spawning, starting, processing, stopping, despawning each time a visitor hits the page, you just do the processing, which makes things go much quicker. The downside is the website may not scale well to unexpected spikes in traffic, like a Digg or Slashdot. But I have that covered as well – chances are the content you see on my is all static HTML. There is a script that runs in the background that runs all the php code beforehand to generate the pages. When a visitor comes along, all that is served along is the static html page with no hits to the php intepretor. Only when the content changes does the php get hit again. Great for now, but I hope to get a more powerful server in the future.

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