Minidlna and custom upnp icons

After a few hours of digging into hex and binary conversion tools, I have completed my task. If you download and compile Minidlna on a Linux box, it will show a Tux penguin for it’s upnp icon (for instance, if you were browsing over the network on the PS3). Since my Minidlna server is PowerMac G4 running Debian, I converted a few PNG images of the Apple logo into it’s hexadecimal equivalent, changed the source file icons.c, and recompiled it. Done! Click here to get the updated icons.c file.

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  1. Hi ANDREW
    Could you please tell me, what conversion tool can be used to convert images to be minidlna’s icon,
    Thank you a lot.

  2. Hello Andrew,

    My miiDLNA is running on a FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE box.
    I would like to replace the Linux Penguin with a FreeBSD ‘Daemon’.
    What tool(s) did you use to convert a graphic file into a hex value .c file?

  3. Hello Andrew, I’m trying to do the same thing using the icon of the Raspberry Pi. I downloaded the zip file so I know size and type of the images but I wonder how to convert the image to that strange encoded /x hex file. I managed to open the file with a hex editor, copy and paste the hex codes, replace all the spaces with \x. Now the only thing I miss is insert a new line every 24 hex characters adding the quotes. Can you give me a hand? Thanks a lot!!

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