Zip ties to the rescue

With a coolant expansion tank failure on the Volvo, it’s zip ties to the rescue. Can they handle the heat? I’m pretty sure they can, I accidentally baked a few of them in the oven at 375 for about an hour and they showed no signs of¬†discoloration¬†or melting. This’ll work until I get the new coolant tank next week.

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Ugly shell scripting

Recently I developed a strange wear pattern on my car’s front passenger side tire (that’s front rightside tire for those driving on the “wrong” side”) – the outer surface of the tire was warn almost completely bald while the inside treat was fresh and meaty. This was rather odd, as I recently had the car re-aligned with zero toe and max negative camber, which comes out to around -1.6 on both sides. Later I found that as a result of this slight adjustment, I had been pushing the car a lot more aggressively while driving to and from work. The downside of this, as I retraced my steps, is that my drive home from work is almost entirely left turns. When coupled with the fact that I had been recently pushing the car very hard on these left turns, it made sense that I had worn out just the outer edge of the tire.

Since the car is AWD, I didn’t have the option of just replacing that one tire as the difference in tread levels can be harmful to the AWD system. Now here comes the difficult task of finding a single Bridgestone Potenza RE-960/AS Pole Position tire in 225/45/17 so it can be shaved down and mounted.

After some searching I came upon the website – but searching for “Potenza 960” yielded the tire in all sizes but the size I needed. Now, since I’m lazy, how would I automate this search and have my computer notify ME instead of having to manually check every day for the tire I needed?

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The road to recovery

Thanks to Rocky and Butch over at Gillman Southwest Subaru, here’s my car on the road to recovery. Good news; after tearing the car down, they concluded there was actually no frame damage at all! Bad news is my rear driver’s side axle boot is torn. The axle itself appears to be fine, but no idea if the grease was contaminated.

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