Computer “Chronos” Bites the Dust

So long “Chronos”, it’s been one hell of a five year (going on it’s sixth) ride. All the abuse you took from me, being more or less on 24×7, overclocked from 3.2GHz to 4Ghz, watercooled, and on it’s 4th motherboard and second CPU.

This computer has carried me through countless nights of Starcraft and Counter-Strike, then Counter-Strike Source. This computer has brought me to level 60 in WoW, then level 70. This computer has made countless videos, websites and edited countless pictures. This computer has taken me through BattleField 1942, Battlefield 2, then through EverQuest II, Eve Online, Team Fortress 2, and Left4Dead.

You have helped me produce endless amounts of term papers, exhausting hours of research, Catia, Rhino3D, MatLab and Maple. I have received job offers from you, found friends with you, and resurrected you from the dead more times than I can remember.

Now you don’t remember your BIOS settings, nor do you stay working for more than a few minutes at a time without the BSOD or eerie crackling and beeping noises. I miss you already 🙁

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Things I like about Houston:

  1. Elevated driveways to help prevent local flooding
  2. Road labels and signs painted on the road itself
  3. EZ-TAG also integrates a real-time traffic monitoring system
  4. Every day is bright and sunny

Things I don’t like about Houston:

  1. When it rains, it rains
  2. Elevated driveways are like small mountains to my car
  3. Traffic. 🙁
  4. Traffic. No, really, it’s terrible
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ERAU Nukes My E-Mail Account, Says “Too Bad”

4 years, over 100 grand, and endless repetition “you must use your e-mail account”, then after graduating and 6 months later, they delete it. I was too busy in the midst of relocating my life halfway across the country, never mind accepting a new job the education helped to provide, and now my account was nuked.

I called up their tech support line, hoping to get it reactivated for just a week or two, so I can move services that were associated with that account over to a new email account, but it’s a no-can-do. They’ve killed it for good and were unwilling to re-activate it. I even offered to pay, since working at the school I also know that the services their email servers provide aren’t free. Come on guys, I just need it turned on for a week.

Honestly I was hoping they would treat their alumni better, but they still don’t mind calling every now and then to ask for money. To make it worse, I can’t sign up on their alumni website either.

What a bunch of jerks. FYI any recent graduates, your account expires in 180 days.

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Window Tint Done

I had my window tinting done by “The Beav” over at American Auto Tint. After watching him work, let me say this – the man knows what he is doing.  It is like watching the master of an art practicing his form. In under 2 hours he managed to get all 5 rear windows tinted, and we settled down to let the adhesive soak in and started talking about some local car clubs.

When we came back out to see how the tint was adhering to the glass, he discovered that the lower left corner of the rear windshield tint somehow got a hair stuck in it. There is a pretty good sized bubble jammed between the tint and the glass because the hair is lifting the tint. Poop.

Simple right? Pull it off and re-do it? Here’s the problem. I needed to get to work, and the Beav needed to get on his vacation that he planned a long time ago. Eventually we agreed to meet again at a later date to remove and re-do the rear tint, which was fine with me. I would drop off the car, and he would work his magic to get everything fixed and squared away.

However, you can really only see it if you get up close to the car, so I guess for the time being I can deal with it – although I caught myself looking in the rear view mirror a lot, looking for that little spot of imperfection.

For those intestested, I went with maximum legal tint provided by Llumar for Texas all around in an even coat for the 4 door windows – this came out to be 35%. The rear windshield was done in 15%. In case you were wondering, no the dark rear tint does not make it any more difficult to back the car up at night. You need to pay attention more, but it’s not like it’s blacked out as you would think.

Overall, it was well worth the $200 for “The Beav” to get the job done, and get it done right. No imperfections other than the aforementioned hair on the rear tint, which will be fixed in about a week’s time, and also comes with a full lifetime warranty from Llumar.

On the way to work I kept thinking “why didn’t I get this done sooner, my hands don’t feel like they’re on the BBQ grill when out in the Texas sun”.

Enough babbling – on to the pictures!

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Palm Pre Out, Employee Referral Plans Left Hanging


It’s not only the SERO users, but the Simply Everything Plus users as well. If you log into the Simply Everything Plus page on Sprint, you’re greeted with this message:

Because of unprecedented demand, the Palm Pre is not yet available to Everything PlusSMReferral Program shoppers.

Which, actually is just a polite way of saying “Sorry, you can’t get them yet,  because there are suckers willing to pay more for them right now and our bean counters say we make more money off of them”

Fine, I don’t have a problem with that, business is business. At least throw us a bone and let us pre-order or put down a deposit so we can get one when they do become available!


Speaking of suckers willing to pay more for them right now, if you check eBay, there are phone selling for nearlt $600, the full retail price of the phone without contract.  I’m not aware of any outages right now, but it seems like the fat populus just doesn’t want to leave their nice comfy chair to get the phones.


Rapid Repair Guides have also posted their disassembly of the phone, and estimated that the cost in components only (in bulk of course) is around $170. Not too bad, good job to Palm for making the Pre attractively price for those under contract, unlike the $600 iPhone when it first came out.

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Busy weekend

Did three car shows, 5gb of pictures, 600 photos total, 20 gallons of gas, and around 400 total miles traveled. Whew, slept in yesterday, and today I’m doing a lot of post processing on the photos and starting back up with regular updates on Over-Boost and GenesisDriven.

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Weekend Romp in NJ

Lots of things accomplished this weekend – I was able to do more writing for both Over-Boost and GenesisDriven while also meeting  a friend in Union City at Broken Motorsports while his car was getting serviced there. His GC Impreza was getting the rear coilover suspension installed and he was also putting in a set of rear lateral link. One thing that we’ve come to realize is that a proper list and good air tools can make what seemed like a whole weekend project into a 2 hour job. While his car was getting serviced, we went to go tag a photo in the New Jersey Tag-O-Rama thread on NASIOC – Devil’s Tower in Alpine, NJ:


After we went back to Broken Motorsports, we parted ways and I went back to Clinton to set the new tag:


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