Italics Gone Wild!

If you’re using a WordPress powered site, and you make a post, and a problem appears and everything goes italics , check your <em> and </em> tags in the HTML post editor, not the visual editor. Chances are that you were using the visual editor and were typing in italics, and the editor borked and didn’t close the tags correctly. Just take out the extra tags and your website will go back to normal. Usually, on my sites they like to just suddenly go <em></em> at the end for no reason. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, go to your administration panel, then under “Settings” -> “Writing” and check the box labeled ” WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”. I found this after Googling “wordpress sidebad italics” which brought me to this page, which explained it all to me. Thanks, Google!

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Obama Promises Spending, Budget Increase in Science


Good news for us unemployed engineering majors, like me. Obama has put plans into motion to move major funding into science and research. Hopefully, some of the change he promised will start to show. Click here for the link

Funding for the National Institutes of Health, Department of Energy, NASA, and the Environmental Protection Agency will all increase substantially, although details remain scarce. Combined with the billions doled out in the stimulus package, government scientific agencies will be better funded than they have been in recent memory, if Congress doesn’t change Obama’s plans too much.

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Dreamcast Mod Re-Incarnates iMac G3


As a fan of the original Dreamcast, I find my self going back and reaching into the cabinet to play those games that were so much fun back in the day. Soul Calibur, Shenmue, and Crazy Taxi were among my favorates. Thats why I liked this mod so much – rip apart a old [mostly] useless iMac G3 (I have a PowerMac G3 as a router at home, so not so useless after all) and stuff the internals of a Dreamcast in it, complete with working display and controller ports! Click here for the mod, or click “Read More” to see all the photos, sourced from the original modder himself!

I had a couple G3’s laying around, and for some reason I had a 15″ LCD monitor. As I was cleaning up my workshop, these to things were sitting beside each other, the LCD looked to be about the same size. So I started taking shit apart. Dropped about 100 pounds of CRT monitor out of the iMac, and in went the LCD, fit just perfect

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Eight Ways to Help Google News Better Crawl Your Site

I didn’t used to be a nut about SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) but now juggling multiple websites and reading into their publication has made me take another look to increase traffic. Here’s a shortie posted on the Google News Blog on what makes it easiest for their crawler to index your website, making it easy to find in a Google News search. Click here for the link.

From time to time, publishers ask us what they can do to improve their listings in Google News. The following are eight of the most frequent, and useful, pieces of advice we give out. Why eight? Because at Google, we love powers of 2.

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Obama to back return to Moon – Horray!

Looks like the US Space program is going to get a healthy boost in budget to fund further “human exploration” activities. This is good, for a while I was worried Obama was going to cut the space program to save money.

But on Wednesday, the US House of Representatives passed an omnibus bill to fund NASA for 2009. It calls for a $360 million increase in the agency’s human exploration budget, which includes $2.9 billion for the Constellation programme. NASA’s science budget would decline $200 million from 2008 levels. The US Senate is now considering the bill.

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Uncle Sam cries “Feed Me!”

Just finished filing my taxes with the free version of TurboTax. This was after a gentle prodding by my dad, and seeing the ad on the TV (which by the way, was impeccible timing). However, in all seriousness, it took me less than half an hour to file my taxes, which included signing up for the free account. It actually was fast, simple, and easy. Highly recommended! On another note, I’m finishing a review on the Sprint Airave. However, it has a butteload of content and pictures so it might take some refining before it’s ready. Horray Sprint!

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My love\hate relationship with coffee mugs

Coffee mugs. Really, why is it so hard to make a decent coffee mug? All I want is a clean looking simple design that has a handle firmly attached, and a nice quality thermal construction. Well, I’m an engineer, an unemployed one at that so I’ve come up with an idea to get my ideal “dream mug”, if you will.

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