Hilton Tuning P3 Stage 1 Review

Home Field Advantage

Back home in Houston, I called up my friends over at DD Performance Research to get another dyno run for the car. When I first purchased the car, I made sure to run a stock baseline so I could find out the relative increase in power from stock. This time with the only changes to the car being a K&N drop-in air filter, Jetex catback exhaust, and Hilton Stage 1 tune, I expected to see a good bump in torque to validate my success with the tune.

Onto the rollers the car went. Recall that before when stock, the car made 252hp and 286lb-ft of torque. Now, with the following modifications, the car put down 264hp and 331lb-ft of torque, which nets a 12hp (~5%) increase in power, and a 45 lb-ft (~16%) increase in torque. Oh, the exhaust also gave the car a subtle deep tone as the engine ramps up 😀

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