Zip ties to the rescue

With a coolant expansion tank failure on the Volvo, it’s zip ties to the rescue. Can they handle the heat? I’m pretty sure they can, I accidentally baked a few of them in the oven at 375 for about an hour and they showed no signs of discoloration or melting. This’ll work until I get the new coolant tank next week.

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Headphone Amp Set in Clear Acrylic

I need to get a headphone amp for my Sennheiser HD280 Pros – maybe this will be my next project. A headphone amplifier assembled “dead bug” style, then set in clear acrylic. Yes. I want one.

Electronic engineers have been encapsulating or potting electronics in resin’s for decades usually for vibration dampening or moisture control its just I decided to make it look presentable 🙂

Source: Rupert Hirst / Runaway Brainz

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